Daisy - Cream Buttercup Rose

Daisy - Cream Buttercup Rose

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Healing shades of soft yellow and pink. The sweet cream Buttercup Roses represent warm sunshine, luck, joy, vitality and a great start. 💫☀️🏖️ It is definitely a perfect gift for your closest friends with warmth and sincerity.


Fresh flowers including :

Kenya - Rose

Netherlands - Tulip, Campanula, Gerbera, Centratherum

Taiwan - Oncidium

& flower fillers


Dimension (excluding wrapping papers, for reference only) :

48cm W * 60cm H


甜美奶油色Buttercup 玫瑰代表溫暖的陽光、幸運、歡樂、活力、美好的開始。💫☀️🏖️ 是送給親密好友既溫暖又真誠祝福的花禮。



肯亞 - 玫瑰

荷蘭 - 鬱金香、風鈴、非洲菊、鈕扣

台灣 - 文心蘭



尺寸 (不計花紙,只供參考) :

48cm W * 60cm H





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