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Evolette - Red & Purple Flower Box

Evolette - Red & Purple Flower Box

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💜🌸 紫色荷蘭萬代蘭唇片四綻,形象清麗而端莊。在它典雅漂亮的外表下,卻隱藏著獨有的倔強,因為在惡劣的生長環境下,它依然能開出美麗到令人驚艷的花朵。莖向上攀援,花一朵謝落,一朵又開,給人無窮的信心和希望。卓錦萬代蘭也是新加坡的國花,象徵卓越錦繡、萬代不朽。


💜🌸 The Dutch Vanda orchid is a unique and stunning flower with a graceful appearance and strong character. Despite its challenging growth environment, it blooms with beautiful and exquisite blossoms. Growing upwards, the resilient flower constantly blooms, giving us an abundant sense of hope and confidence. As the national flower of Singapore, Vanda symbolizes excellence, resilience, and immortality.

✨Other colour tones are available

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